Here’s the Susana Martinez ad that’s causing a ruckus

By Rob Nikolewski on September 11, 2010
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Susana Martinez has released a couple new TV ads and here’s the one that’s generating a lot of talk:

As you’d expect, Republicans love it and Democrats are crying foul. Karl Rove tweeted it’s the best rebuttal ad he’s seen this campaign cycle. I’m not sure if a Karl Rove endorsement helps Martinez with potential crossover voters but Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican has an excellent roundup of Dem/GOP reaction and clarifies a few facts from each side here.

Here’s the other Martinez ad her campaign released yesterday:

I’m not sure if another negative ad is the right thing for Martinez to do at this point in the campaign. On the heels of the Rasmussen and Albuquerque Journal polls showing her leading Diane Denish by 5-6 points, Martinez seems to have the wind at her back.

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  1. Ken
    5:13 pm on September 26th, 2010

    It seems to me that thsi is a factual ad. The left does not like facts but, here it is! Negative? I don’t think facts equate to negative.

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