A look at the money trail in the Governor’s race

By Rob Nikolewski on October 29, 2010
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Barry Massey of Associated Press takes a look at the money that keeps flowing in the Diane Denish-Susana Martinez race for New Mexico governor.

You can read the entire story here but some highlights include:

  • In the past three weeks, Martinez has spent $2.1 million, with about 75 percent of that going to ads
  • In the past three weeks, Denish has spent $1.6 million, with about two-thirds of that going to ads
  • Martinez has recently raised $1.1 million. Her biggest donor: Denver developer Larry Mizel ($50,000)
  • Denish has recently raised $871,304. Her biggest donor: SEIU ($215,000)
  • Each candidate has spent about $5 million during the election cycle  

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