The redacted (deleted) sections from the SIC 108-Page Backgrounder.

By Thomas Molitor on April 22, 2012

The Watchdog obtained through a public records request the 108-page backgrounder prepared by Charles Wollmann, SIC Director of Communications, at the request of two council members in support of council discussion on the topic of the SIC’s investments in two private equity ventures – Earthstone and Growstone.
The sections that the SIC redacted were:
• Capitalization Tables
• Salary Information
• Co-Investment [...]

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State Investment Council X-Ray results are in. Are you sitting down?

By Thomas Molitor on April 20, 2012

At the request of Private Equity Investment Advisory Committee (PEIAC) Chair Mike Martin and Member Lee Rawson, an 108-page backgrounder on the history of the SIC’s investments in Earthstone and Growstone was prepared for council membership discussion at its last monthly meeting (March 27, 2012).
Through a public records request, The Watchdog obtained a copy of [...]

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