“Blast” moves driver’s license bill forward – Dem state rep says she didn’t flip-flop

By Rob Nikolewski on March 6, 2013

It involved some heated debate and even one House member who cast an accidental vote while another was put on the hot seat, as once again debate over granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants in New Mexico flared up in the Roundhouse.
A Republican-led attempt to “blast” a bill aimed at the repealing the law leap-frogged [...]

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Driver’s license bills tabled in committee … but could be back for a ‘blast’

By Rob Nikolewski on January 29, 2013

The arguments were much the same from both sides and the result — at least in committee — was the same: The latest incarnations of bills to rescind New Mexico’s law that grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants were tabled.
Late Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 29), all five of the Democrats on the House Labor and Human [...]

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A driver’s license compromise … from a Republican?

By Rob Nikolewski on January 17, 2013

For more than two years, New Mexico legislators have debated, argued and sometimes hollered over rescinding the state law granting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.
The bills haven’t gone anywhere but a potential compromise bill based on the driver’s license model used by Utah is getting prepared by two influential state senators, including a Republican leader [...]

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Battle lines drawn early on first day of NM Legislative session, Sanchez spars with Gov Martinez

By Rob Nikolewski on January 15, 2013

Well, any “era of good feelings” for this brand new 60-day legislative session didn’t last long.
A little more than a couple hours after new Speaker of the House W. Ken Martinez told his chamber, “if we disagree it should never be disagreeable” and about a half hour after Republican Gov. Susana Martinez spoke of “the [...]

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NM reaction to news that Illinois may grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants

By Rob Nikolewski on November 21, 2012

One New Mexico state lawmaker says if Illinois goes ahead with a proposal to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants it should make sure Illinois has an accurate database while another has his own suggestion for lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln — don’t do it at all.
Illinois legislators — with some state Republicans joining [...]

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Easley and Miller racking up the miles in their race for the Roundhouse

By Rob Nikolewski on November 1, 2012

Democrat Stephen Easley and Republican Larry Miller are running a straightforward race in a House district that is geographically all over the map.
“The district is oddly shaped,” Miller said. “It’s a lot territory to cover.”
Easley agrees. “A lot of it boils down to a question of getting to know each other,” he said.
A reapportioned House [...]

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Soules and Alberson battle in a 50-50 state Senate district

By Rob Nikolewski on October 26, 2012

In an election season that promises to see a slew of close races, one of the closest — at least theoretically — matches Democrat Bill Soules and Republican Cathey Alberson in the state senate race in Las Cruces.
According to the “performance” numbers compiled during redistricting in New Mexico, Senate District 37 is perfectly split — [...]

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Susana’s letter to Homeland Security and what it means

By Rob Nikolewski on October 10, 2012

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has sent a letter to US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asking for clarification about the Real ID Act.
But the letter sent on Wednesday (Oct. 10) is also a political move aimed at trying to put a few notable state Democrats on the hot seat as Election Day nears.
Here’s the [...]

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Contrasts in state House race: “Extreme” says challenger Allen, “bipartisan” says incumbent Rehm

By Rob Nikolewski on September 20, 2012

State rep Bill Rehm, a Republican, says his six years in House District 31 has allowed him to “keep in close contact with my constituents” while his Democratic Party challenger in northeast Albuquerque, Dr. JoAnne Allen, says voters she’s talked to “want new blood in the legislature.”
A recently retired dentist who practiced in Albuquerque for [...]

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Andy Nunez: “Voting for Obama is like the Titanic backing up to the iceberg again”

By Rob Nikolewski on July 27, 2012

President Obama’s campaign workers can skip trying to persuade one particular voter in southern New Mexico into supporting the president’s re-election.
State Rep. Andy Nuñez (I-Hatch), while appearing on the syndicated radio program News New Mexico on Friday (July 27), said of the upcoming presidential race, “I’m dadgum sure I’m not voting for Obama. Voting [...]

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