Accused nuclear spy driven by patriotism or madness?

By David Collins on September 20, 2011

Proponents say controlled nuclear fusion promises an unlimited source of clean energy. The yet-unproven technology also holds a potential to drive proponents mad.
Take the case of former LANL scientist Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni. Feds arrested him and his wife this time last year after agents in a sting operation allegedly caught him trying to sell a [...]

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Fusion-energy promises yield stimulus cash

By David Collins on May 13, 2011

The company that landed the largest direct contract awarded in Santa Fe under Pres. Barrack Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill didn’t exactly promise the moon and the stars. What Energy/Matter Conversion Corp. (EMC2 Fusion) of Santa Fe has often promised is the power that lights the stars.
If the claims of EMC2 Fusion founder Robert Bussard [...]

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